The Prestige Group provides an exclusive logistics in beverage transportation for wine growers and spirits distillers, worldwide. Special demand is set to collecting speed and quality. Our strength is our long experience in beverage logistics. We use developed IT systems and technology that enables effective order-delivering solutions. With a complete range of cold chain logistics solutions, we were proudly known as a "Cold Chain Specialist".
We offer a range of value-added services which are specifically tailored to the needs of the beverage industry:

3PL Temperature-Controlled Cold room storage & Cold Chain Logistics Services.
Customs clearance
Direct delivery in console or charter truck to retail store with 12 units of refrigerator covered trucks.
Storage services: collecting, labeling, picking, re-packing, and bar-coding.
Our Italian Connection
For over a decade, The Prestige Group has provided export for many leading wine brands such as Brunello, Barolo and Passito from Livorno, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, China & Colombo. This includes the warehousing and distribution of these wines in a secure environment and expert handling are essential throughout. Our comprehensive logistics solutions with quick, efficient, multimodal services enable us to take care of your complete logistics process. The concept not only apply to wine but also to other beverage such as beer like Stella Artois and Hooargadden, Foster, Kilkenny, Franzikenner.