The Prestige Group operates a fleet of general cargo trucks, long length trailers, low-loaders and specialized heavy trailers. Our fleet of truck plies between hubs, sub-hubs, gateways, free trade zone and inland depot, accepting cargo on both consolidation and chartered basis.

The services guarantee time sensitive over-night deliveries that meet the requirements of customers for timely deliveries of raw materials and components and shipments of finished products.
P.I.L. Consortium Pte. Ltd† - Affiliation†with SH Cogent in Singapore
1. AIM
The aim of this emergency plan is to detail the various preventive measures and opearational action that need to be taken by P.I.L consortium / SH Cogent logistics Pte Ltd / Driver, in case of a spillage, leak or fire during road transportation of hazardous chemicals.
Concept of Operation

(1) The emergency operation to be conducted in phases as follows:-

1 Transportation personnel / escort party (if any) to carry out initial containment activities and alert P.I.L Consortium Pte Ltd ( Tel : 67434424 ) SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd ( Tel : 62666161 ) and SCDF ( call 995 ) / police ( call 999 ).
2 SCDF pre determined turnout response to the scene for containment and rescue activities.
3 To conduct major operations for containment and minimize risks with other related agencies.
4 To clean up / decontaminate and resume normal operations by ER Team of SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd.

Emergency Actions by Transport Company / Driver / Escorting Personnel

Actions by the respective parties involved are detailed below:

P.I.L Consortium Pte Ltd
1) Find out the exact location of accident.
2) Assess the extent of accident.
3) Inform SCDF and police.
4) Notify NEA, SCDF and police and the internal Emergency response Team.
5) Instruct driver and assistant to contain spill / leak with equipment available with lorry.
6) Mobilize Emergency Response Team to the scene to assist in clearing spill.

SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd
1) Find out the exact location of accident.
2) Assess the extent of accident.
3) In the case of major spill / leak, send back-up lorry to the scene to transfer unaffected containers to safe site.
4) In the case of minor spill / leak, give instruction to contain and clear up spill.
5) When the spill is under control, ensure the area is decontaminated.

Driver Action
1) To contact SCDF ( Call 995 ), Police ( Call 999 ), P.I.L Consortium Pte Ltd ( Tel : 67434424 ) and his company, SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd ( Tel : 62666161 ), give exact location accident.
2) To switch on emergency warning device.
3) Place the hazard warning sign to the rear ( about 30 feet ) of the vehicle
4) Put on protective clothing prior to containing spill.
5) Keep people away from the scene by cordoning the area using red and white tape.
6) To provide transport emergency card to SCDF when help arrives.

Co-coordinating Instruction
The key personnel of P.I.L Consortium Pte Ltd to be notified during the emergency who can assist in providing technical information of the chemicals are:

Mr. Ivan Chia

Execution Team
Mr. Ivan Chia
(Marketing Director)
Mr. Lincoln Teo
(General Manager)
Mr. Daniel Heng
(Operation Manager)
Mr. Simon Ong
(Snr Operation Manager)
Terric Ong
(Asst Warehouse Manager)
Mr. Jimmy Seah
(Safety Manager)

Government / Other related Organization
SCDF : 995
Police : 999
The Chief Engineer : 6731 9670
Pollution Control Department : 9505 8550

The incident site will be sectorized into Hot, Warm, Cold zone during emergency.

The definition of the various zones in as follows:

Reporting / Alerting SCDF
The message to be used to actiniae SCDF and Police Force during emergency shall include the following information:

1) Location of the incidents.
2) Type of incidents.
3) Chemicals involved.
4) Leakage with or without fire.
5) Transport company and chemical company name and contact number.
6) Causalities involved.

1. On the Prime Mover Quantity
Fire extinguisher vehicle 2 units
Breakdown sign 1 units
Saw dust 1
Mop 1

2. At base Quantity
Emergency Response Kit Equipment
  Broom 3 sets
Sweep Pan 3 sets
Mop 3 sets
Spade 3 sets
Fire Extinguisher 3 sets
Rubber Boots 3 sets
Rubber Gloves 3 sets
Safety belt 3 sets
Pipe Wrench 3 sets
Safety goggles 3 sets
Rope 3 sets
Pail 3 sets
First aid Kit 3 sets
Breathing mask 3 sets
Canister 3 sets
Self-contained breathing apparatus 3 sets
Face shield 3 sets
Wooden plug 3 sets
Chemical suit 1 set
Recovery drum (over-sized) 20 drums
Neutralizing agent 20 Ziploc bags
Soda ash 200kgs

The equipment can mobilized immediately upon receiving call from the driver or any member of the public.

Medical facilities available in the vehicle.

Time of response: 45 min.
Details of the safety measures to be taken by the transportation company to prevent any mishap and minimize any possible risk of the transportation before and during the transportation.

1) Not to exceed the laden weight to transport vehicle.
2) No delivery during heavy rain or bad weather.
3) Regular servicing and maintenance of vehicle.
1) Command- during the emergency, the transport personnel shall try all necessary action to contain the emergency. On the arrival of SCDF, the latter shall takeover command with the help of the transport company / Abstech Pte Ltd.
2) Signal- SCDF will set up the necessary communication facilities for the operations.